Martha Stewart Bedding is made in such a way that it can be used by children too. Kids are known to make quite a scene during sleep time especially during their toddler years. They refuse to go to bed unless they are exhausted and sleepy from playing and running around. We often discover that warm milk and cookies are not enough to put them to their little beds. Sleep is very important to growing children. They should be getting at least ten to twelve hours of sleep in order to function well when they wake up. If not, they will get cranky and be very difficult to deal with during the entire day. It is then advisable to induce our kids’ to sleep early by providing them with comfortable and cuddly beddings.


Where To Get Martha Stewart Bedding

Beddings include bed sheet sets, duvet covers, quilts, comforters, blankets, bedspreads and pillow shams. These are available as individual items or in matching collections. One may purchase them online at Martha’s website, other department stores’ online market or at the local retail bedding store nearest you. Look for her colorful design collections that will attract the attention of your kids.


What Thread Count To Get For Martha Stewart Bedding

Thread count is an important thing to consider whenever we buy beddings for our children. Remember that the level of comfort for adults can be quite different compared to children. Thread count pertains to the number of threads used to make a square inch of the woven fabric. The higher the thread count of the fabric, the softer it gets. Children are very sensitive to fabric softness. It is better to get them at least a 600 count Martha Stewart Bedding. Children may have a stiff and itchy feeling if you give them a bedding fabric with less than 400 counts.


The Importance Of Thread Count

Martha Stewart BeddingThe thread count is a real concern. It is the scientific way of classifying fabrics and it follows a strict federal standard on how those threads are counted. In figuring out thread counts, one counts both the lengthwise, called the warp, and the widthwise, named as weft, threads. In effect, a 150 warp threads woven with a 150 weft threads is equivalent to a 300 thread count. It has become the central focus of bedding marketing since finer threads that are woven together produce a softer and finer fabric. On average, a thread count of 200 to 400 should be fine. Anything higher than 400 thread count will mean a more expensive price. Also if the thread count is too high the fabric will not be able to breathe as much because the fabric is not too permeable by air. It may be a bit uncomfortable for children to use during extreme cold and hot weather.


The Reasonable Price For Beddings

Martha Stewart BeddingCotton sheets are the most widely used beddings by the average household. It is proven to be comfortable, light, and allows for air circulation. The price for cotton children’s bedding must command a reasonable amount around $29 to $89. Making sleep a priority in the life of children is made easier with the use of comfortable and especially designed collections by Martha Stewart Bedding.


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